This does not pertain to Dog Park Daycare.

Kennel/House Daycare is tentatively not available Friday-Sunday due to the number of over night boarding we have on the weakends. You may call ahead to confirm if there’s vacancy.

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New Bark Park and Doggy Daycare

Family Owned & Operated for 20+ Years

Boarding & Daycare for Dogs and Cats + Public Pool Park!

Located just over a mile from the beaches, the Bed & Biscuit Inn is the ultimate boarding facility for all of Palm Coast, Flagler and Volusia County. We provide a calm, playful experience and custom tailored accommodations.

Tours are available by appointment only.


711 John Anderson Hwy, Flagler Beach, FL 32136, US

(386) 439-4006


Attention: We have a right to refuse service.

For liability purposes and the safety of our staff and boarders, dog aggressive pups will need to be schedule for a consultation to qualify for boarding.

Sickly pups and elderly are also on a case by case basis. We do our best for all our boarders, but we are not a hospice nor can expose other boarding pets to contagions. Please be up front while scheduling your reservations.


Due to demand, we recommend scheduling weekends 1 week in advance, and 1 month in advance for holidays.



Tours are available by inquiry only; Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm. Please call us to schedule a walk through!

  • Main House

    For a more home-like experience, we’ve retrofitted our house for both dogs and cats! Each room is fitted with runs of all sizes and even have a dedicated cat room. Pups are in constant rotation and go outdoors 7-10 times per day with optional ‘social time’.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Kennel

    This building features indoor/outdoor runs for small to mid-size dogs who love to hang out on the porch and has access to 4 separate play areas outdoors. Pups are in constant rotation and go outdoors 7-10 times per day with optional ‘social time’.

  • Back Lodge

    For mid-sized and larger breeds and/or 2+ families of pups. This facility features mid-supersized runs to accommodate all breeds and a 10,000 square ft outdoor playground for runners and major league ball play. Pups are in constant rotation and go outdoors 7-10 times per day with optional ‘social time’.

  • Dog Park & Doggie Daycare

    We are so proud to announce the reopening of our Bark Park after 15+ years and not only is it public, it’s also now a dog friendly daycare for us to socialize your pup/s while offering an air conditioned building that they can access anytime! This further allows us to take daycare on the weekends and during our busiest days. If you cannot board your pup overnight, this is a great option to keep them occupied and exercised during the day.

    We have picnic tables and swing sets. Bug zappers and lighting are next! Come on by and check it out!

    Please Check Into Office First
    We will require proof of shots for your pups while on premise. Monthly Subscription will start May/June and can be combined with Pool Park.